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Cheap flights to Prague from Spain. Information on Prague airline tickets, routes & flying times.



Flights To Prague from Spain


Airline data and information on Prague Flights, Airfares and Routes.  Book cheap flights from Spain to Prague - one way, direct, economy, business and more.


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Spain to Prague - Flight Routes & Information


Route Stopover Distance Carriers
Barcelona to Prague Direct 1358 kms  1 hours 53 minsCzech Airlines
Gran Canaria to Prague Direct 3512 kms  4 hours 30 minsTravel Service
Madrid to Prague Direct 1749 kms  2 hours 21 minsCzech Airlines
Tenerife to Prague Direct 3573 kms  4 hours 35 minsTravel Service
Alicante to Prague Stockholm 1762 kmsVueling Airlines, Wizz Air
Almeria to Prague Madrid 2168 kmsRyanair, Wizz Air
Aviles to Prague Madrid 2036 kmsVueling Airlines, Wizz Air
Bilbao to Prague Rome 1556 kmsVueling Airlines, Wizz Air
Fuerteventura to Prague Zurich 3376 kmsTUIfly, Wizz Air
Gerona to Prague Treviso 1382 kmsRyanair, Wizz Air
Granada to Prague Madrid 2038 kmsVueling Airlines, Wizz Air
Hierro to Prague Gran Canaria 3758 kmsBinter Canarias, Travel Service
Ibiza to Prague Madrid 1634 kmsVueling Airlines, Wizz Air
Jerez to Prague Madrid 2219 kmsRyanair, Wizz Air
La Coruna to Prague Madrid 2130 kmsVueling Airlines, Wizz Air
Las Palmas to Prague Zurich 3317 kmsTUIfly, Wizz Air
Malaga to Prague Zurich 2119 kmsVueling Airlines, Wizz Air
Melilla to Prague Madrid 2158 kmsPEGASUS AIRLINES-, Wizz Air
Menorca to Prague Madrid 1599 kmsVueling Airlines, Wizz Air
Murcia to Prague Manchester 2512 kmsRyanair,
Palma de Mallorca to Prague Zurich 1507 kmsVueling Airlines, Wizz Air
Pamplona to Prague Madrid 2048 kmsIberia Airlines, Wizz Air
San Sebastian to Prague Madrid 1750 kmsPEGASUS AIRLINES-, Wizz Air
Santa Cruz De La Palma to Prague Tenerife 3596 kmsTransavia Holland, Wizz Air
Santander to Prague Madrid 1697 kmsRyanair, Wizz Air
Santiago to Prague Madrid 2069 kmsVueling Airlines, Wizz Air
Sevilla to Prague Treviso 2146 kmsVueling Airlines, Wizz Air
Tenerife to Prague Madrid 3521 kmsVueling Airlines, Wizz Air
Valencia to Prague Zurich 1654 kmsWizz Air
Valladolid to Prague London Stansted 1937 kmsRyanair, Wizz Air
Vigo to Prague Madrid 2213 kmsVueling Airlines, Wizz Air
Zaragoza to Prague London Stansted 1569 kmsRyanair, Wizz Air
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